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See who HASN'T joined yet.#403

I want to see the full roster on the join page, so that I know who HAS NOT joined. I have a handful ofkids who do not join and the process of elimination is a real bummer and time-waster. I envision all of the names on the screen and something to indicate who has joined, so that it’s an easy glance to see who needs help or redirection.

4 years ago


2 years ago

Yes, this would be helpful.

2 years ago

this would be a great feature for my battle royale idea #3898

2 years ago

@ktheteacher sthu

a year ago

#5591 #HelpTheCreators (hashtag credit: Silverwolf)
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10 months ago

Great idea!

6 months ago

this wouldnt work because how would gimkit know if someone needs to join uless they add like classes or smth.

4 months ago

They do have classes. I set them up before the term starts and kids login with their class almost everytime we play.

4 months ago

Maybe something that says who in a class hasn’t joined?

3 months ago

I think this is a great idea! The first time I played gimkit, I was in a new place and everyone else knew how to log in and i didn’t and the game started and i was just left out.

3 months ago