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Echo v. Vortex : Recuritment#3898

@Josh Feinsilber 饾懚饾拸饾拲饾挌 饾挄饾拤饾拞 饾拑饾拞饾挃饾挄 饾拹饾拠 饾挄饾拤饾拞 饾拑饾拞饾挃饾挄 饾拵饾拏饾拰饾拞 饾拪饾挄 饾拪饾拸饾挄饾拹 饾挄饾拤饾拞 饾拏饾拡饾拞饾拸饾拕饾挌.

Echo v. Vortex : Recuritment is a 2D top down battle royale mode with lazer based weaponry (guns, swords, ect)in the standard battle royale format, (circle closes in, many points of intrest and a strong gimick throughout((EX: the loot lamma)).)

While wating in the lobby the players choose who they are trying to get hired for, trying to get recruited for echo gives you a small boost in a spesific thing and vice versa.

The map would have serveral diffrent bioms and a replica of the agency offices from Tag: dominitation, there would be a sandy area and a grassy area and a snowy area ect.

the damage system would the same as Super Animal Royales.

you answer questions for energy so you can move and fire your weapons.

players elimintated will compeate to answer the most questions for a revive at top 4.
and players who dont make it back in play a small minigame that requires answering questions like __

Teachers can place slowness on kids who know the subject material like the back of their hand and are answering at an extreamly rapid pace and can do the opposite to players who need help.

delivery crates, dont have an explanation.

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25 days ago

edit: there would be an option to turn on events that would spice up gamplay like heavy wind makes bullets fly in different directions

23 days ago

Thumbs up!

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