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Team Mode - Individual Cash#58

Hey! My kids absolutely love Gimkit and ask to play it daily. I would love to use Team Mode more, but they riot about this for one reason: teams have a total sum of cash instead of invidual cash. When one is doing poorly, they ALL do poorly. They also encourage the “smart one” to do everything so they don’t lose cash (or have to do anything in general).

My solution is small: please give teams a total sum on my screen/screen they see, but invidual amounts within their team. This would encourage them to buy upgrades and work to help over screeching about someone “wasting money” when they are just trying to upgrade.

Thank you for creating a game my kids actually want to play! I hope my suggestion was worthwhile. :)

4 years ago

How about a 50% commitment to the team money pot? If you want an upgrade, you spend individual cash first then any remainder is subtracted from team cash. This would let the team leaders stack up cash for upgrades without a shop camper spending money and not contributing.

4 years ago

I really like the suggestion by Gardenenglish. To go entirely individual with cash balances almost negates any benefits of team mode. By finding some way to have an individual AND team balances would be great.

Another idea: Would it be possible to include “Team Upgrades” to the shop? That way you don’t end up with one student spending all of the team’s money to earn $1,000,000+ per question while their teammate is earning a measley $3 per question. These could be additional upgrades that cost more than the individual powerups. And in order for one player to buy a higher level of a upgrade (e.g “Money per Question level 5), everyone on the team must be at a certain level for that upgrade (e.g. Everyone on the team must be at least Level 2). That way students are encouraged to help their teammates, not just try and run away with the game.

4 years ago

This is a fantastic sugestion! I don’t really play in teams mode, but if this was a thing, I would probably use team mode more, and Gimkit more in general.

4 years ago

I agree with Hulla2026!

3 years ago

Mine want the upgrades to benefit the whole team!

3 years ago

I agree with Hulla2026 too.

2 years ago


2 years ago

I agree with Hulla2026 too!

2 years ago

I love team mode, when we played it our team won and I heard”STOP SPENDING MONEY” to other 😍I love team mode, when we played it our team won and I heard”STOP SPENDING MONEY” to other kids

2 years ago


2 years ago

I have a idea this is how it works you get money for your team and your things you get in the shop impact your team our another team.

a year ago

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Update to all game lovers.

9 months ago

please creators. PLEASE. P L E A S E

4 months ago

wait ima make a image of a gim for this]

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