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Questions Repeat#340

My class LOVED this game, but when they played a lot of the questions repeated. It would be nice if there was an option to have the class complete the questions given and then determine the winner from there.

a year ago

Maybe you could play the game for fewer minutes.

a year ago
Merged into Repeat missed questions more often#128
11 days ago

Heads up: I made a mistake and merged this in with the suggestion to repeat missed questions more often.

For this suggestion, we don’t have any plans to remove question repetition. It’s one thing that makes Gimkit what it is. We may take a look at it in the future, but for now we’re not planning to remove repeating questions or to provide a way to turn it off.

There are some great review tools that don’t repeat questions, including Quizizz and Kahoot. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t repeat, those are both good options!

5 days ago

Jeff, I appreciate your answer. However, in my district the other quiz options aren’t approved and instead we pay for the GimKit subscription as a whole campus. Even if one of those modes gave an option for repeat to be turned off, it would be greatly appreciated. Sometimes we want students to be able to see how they really did first time all the way through instead of how they did after repetition. Also, the repetition doesn’t end until the game is ended. I could understand if it just repeated questions missed or maybe only asked each question twice. Again, even one game mode having repeat turned off would be so great.

5 days ago

Thanks for the note, Keri!

This is a suggestion we’re aware of and I totally hear you.

We’ll keep our eyes on it and continue to monitor the number of teachers who make this request this.

I found a similar request, though not exactly the same, in case you want to upvote it:

This request implies that questions wouldn’t repeat, as we couldn’t show questions in order if they repeated.

As we’re assessing this suggestion, we’ll add the 9 people who upvoted your initial suggestion to the number who upvote the suggestion linked above.

5 days ago